There Once Was a Team From LA – 1996


It began in April ‘96,

We had Cobi, he wowed with his tricks,

El Tanque bashed them in,

Many struggled to win,

When we had Campos between the sticks.


The first twelve games we won in a row,

But it ended in Colorado,

They beat us 2-1,

It began a dry run,

And it led to us feeling the woe.


Then up stepped Cienfuegos the Great,

With his dribbles he broke down the gate,

We pushed ‘til the end,

When on the final weekend,

We gave Dallas their heads on a plate.


Fresh from topping the West we marched on,

In the playoffs we then came upon,

Our rivals, the Clash,

In game one we did crash,

It seemed that our chances were gone.


But Hurtado then mowed them all down,

The big man was the talk of the town,

He scored on them twice,

His finishing precise,

And he turned the Clash players’ shorts brown.


We then swept the Wizards aside,

For them there was nowhere to hide,

We ate them all up,

On the way to the Cup,

We went to the final with pride.


We took it to D.C. from the start,

2-0 up then it all fell apart,

We gave up the game,

But we still became,

The team with incredible heart.


The ’96 LA Galaxy squad.

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